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All I want for Christmas: gifts every RDA coach wants this year

I don't want a lot for Christmas... By the time this blog goes live, it will be December, and even the most staunch of Scrooges will be forced to accept that Christmas is coming (threatening undertone not intended). I was trying my hardest to tell my boyfriend what I wanted, save the horse I have put at the top of my list every year since I was three years old, when I found my mind wandering to some more fanciful "gifts" that I would request to make RDA coach life a brighter, warmer, more efficient place. More fanciful than my horse wish? Maybe. But I'll post them all off to Santa just in case.

1. A decent head torch Saturday day times are my domain at the stables, so if I find myself turning out in the dark in even the darkest depths of winter, it's a good reminder that I have been faffing on the yard for too long and should go home. Many others, however, including a good portion of my Team Abingdon comrades, inhabit week day evening slots, so for six months of t…

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