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Why everyone needs an RDA sidekick: Happy Birthday to Alice

I might fly solo on this blog, but away from my writing I am actually one half of a (some might say notorious) RDA double act. My partner in crime, Alice, had her birthday this week: in her honour, I've decided to tell you why you all need to find yourself a similarly fabulous RDA sidekick, or if you already have one, why you should count yourself very lucky.
Shared experience
I wrote about young coaches in one of my most popular posts: "Nobody would be surprised if a 65 year old commented that they didn't feel particularly part of something where the average age was 21, but nobody seems to want to talk about it when it's the other way round." Alice and I first encountered each other properly at a coaches' training day when she had just started her training and I was feeling a bit burnt out and lonely. I was teaching a lot, worn out by other parts of my life (commuting to my first grad job, competing in another sport...), and really feeling the fact that I di…

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